Paddle Board Rental Mission Bay – How to go Paddleboarding in San Diego

Stand-Up Paddleboarding or SUP is one of the fastest growing watersports out there. It seems that overnight, these floating boards and paddles showed up across the coast, doesn’t it? In San Diego it’s no different. Paddleboarding is a phenomenon. If you want to learn more about this sport and might be considering a paddleboard rental in Mission Bay, this blog post is for you.

Paddleboarding in San Diego

When it comes to experiences in San Diego, outdoor activities are a must, especially out in the ocean. Paddleboarding in San Diego combines adventure, strength, and balance. It looks easy, but it’s quite the workout!

The best part is, the weather in California allows everyone to paddleboard all year round. So, whether you live here or are just passing by, there are no excuses. You should try SUP in San Diego at least once.

Paddleboard Rental – Mission Bay

Mission Bay, with its calm waters and breathtaking views, is one of the best spots for paddleboarding in the country. Whether you’re traveling solo or bringing the entire family to San Diego, stand-up paddleboarding is the perfect activity. Kids love the challenge and adults can have fun while putting their balance and strength to the test.

If you are looking for a paddle board rental in Mission Bay, check out Mission Bay Sportcenter (MBSC).

The Basics of Paddleboarding

So, you decided to book a paddleboard rental in Mission Bay, what’s next? Here are the basics of paddleboarding to help you enjoy the experience.

Balance – SUP Basics

When trying out SUP, the number one challenge is to find your balance. Calm waters are the best place to start. It’s also easier to try kneeling first and get a feel for how the board moves on the water. Your goal is to find the sweet spot where the nose doesn’t rise or dig in. Same goes for the tail.

To find your balance on the paddleboard:

  • Keep your feet parallel to each other in the center of the board
  • Your feet should be apart, hip-width or slightly wider
  • Bend your knees a little bit
  • Let your lower body absorb the motion
  • Keep your upper body straight
  • Move forward to gain stability

Paddling – SUP Basics

Beginners tend to overuse their arms when paddling, which makes their arms get tired faster. When paddling becomes a full-body motion, you’ll be able to get further and avoid getting fatigued early in the game.

Make sure you get the most out of each stroke by keeping your hands apart. Also, it’s best to submerge the blade entirely and use your core and back muscles to create the stroking motion. If you want to go forward, paddle twice on each side and to turn, paddle on the opposite side you want to go.

Ready to get it the water? Book your paddle board now.

Paddleboarding is such a popular watersport, you shouldn’t miss out! It’s guaranteed fun and a workout that anyone can do. At MBSC, it’s super easy to get a paddleboard rental. All you need to do is book it online and arrive at least 15 minutes earlier.”>book it online¬†and arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Book your paddle board rental in Mission Bay today and have fun!