Jet Ski Rental in San Diego – Renting and Riding a Jet Ski

Planning a trip to San Diego or looking for a new and exciting day out with your family or friends in Southern California? Go jet skiing and experience the freedom of gliding on top of the water at Mission Bay. In this blog post, you’ll learn what you need to know about jet ski rental in San Diego and get valuable tips to ride in style.

Jet Skiing in San Diego

Have you ever gone jet skiing? If you have, you know how much fun it is, and that’s why you’re here. But if you haven’t (yet), it should be a priority on your bucket list. Jet skiing is such an exciting activity to do in the ocean and getting a jet ski rental in San Diego is super easy with MBSC.

Picture this, you’re out there, in the ocean, it’s a warm and sunny day. The water splashing around you is refreshing. Your fingers are on the throttle as you cut through the sea. The wind strokes your face. That’s freedom at its essence, combined with some adrenaline, to give you a day you won’t forget.

Jet Ski Rental in San Diego

San Diego is a fantastic city. There are many different things to do and places to explore. The beach and summer activities are a huge part of this vibrant city. When it comes to having fun in California and crossing items off of your bucket list, jet skiing in San Diego is a must.

As far as jet ski rentals in San Diego go, MBSC is the one to beat. You’ll love riding across Mission Bay on our high-performance jet skis or wave runners. Riders of all levels can rent one. It’s easy to get the hang of it and to operate it safely.

If you feel like taking your jet skiing experience one step further, check out the Coastal Jet Ski Tour, you won’t regret it.

Ready for your adventure? Book your jet ski today!

Riding a Jet Ski

So, after renting your jet ski in San Diego, comes the fun part – riding it. If it’s your first time riding a jet ski, here are a few tips that can come in handy.

TIP #1 Getting ready to go jet skiing

You’ll get wet. It’s part of the fun, so, swimsuits and life vests are ideal.

TIP #2 Keeping a straight trajectory on a jet ski

Many people struggle to ride straight, either because they are looking down at the water or too closely at their equipment. Instead, try keeping your head up and looking off into the distance. It will help keep your trajectory straight.

TIP #3 Taking care of your muscles (an absolute must for first-time riders)

Some riders tend to grip too strongly, which tenses the muscles and can lead to some discomfort afterward. To protect your muscles, make sure you are relaxed, and your elbows are slightly bent. You can also lean forward a little bit, to find a comfortable position.

TIP #4 Falling off and getting back up onto your jet ski

If you fall off, just get back up and try again! But that might not be as simple when it comes to boarding a vehicle in the water. To get back on a jet ski, always reboard from the back (stern).

  • Reach the handle from behind the seat
  • Pull yourself out of the sea and back on the ski

Trying to reboard from the side will flip the ski.

Riding a jet ski is a lot of fun.  Plus, getting a jet ski rental in San Diego has never been easier. You can book online and choose the best date and time for you and your family or friends. Make sure you arrive 30 minutes early and enjoy your day!

Rent your jet ski in San Diego today!