Hobie Wave Catamaran Rental



  • 1-Hour: $35
  • 2-Hour: $70
  • 4-Hour: $105
  • All Day: $140

Max Seating: 2 People



Quick and nimble, many people have told us that sailing a Hobie Wave Catamaran is the most fun they’ve ever had on the water! All of our catamarans are kept on our private beach, directly behind our facility in Mission Bay. Our helpful staff are happy to assist with shoving off and landing the catamarans from the beach, and into the warm waters of Mission Bay. Being completely protected within Mission Bay means lake like conditions, so there is no surf to worry about during the launching and landing. The afternoons in the summer can often provide decent wind. As a result, a sail in one of our catamarans can be a very thrilling experience for the skilled sailor. And with seating for up to 2 people, bring a friend, because they’ll be glad you did!

Do you have a couple more friends who would love to experience a thrilling and exciting day of catamaran sailing on a windy afternoon? Because if you have between one and three friends who would like to join you on a catamaran, we recommend the Hobie Getaway. It carries up to 4 people and is the best choice for groups of 1 to 4.

  • Your reservation start time will begin at the designated time that you chose. Please arrive 30 minutes early to complete the Rental agreement and Safety and Boat checkouts. Due to high demand and time restraints please have your party here early and ready to begin your rental at the designated time.
  • Picture ID and credit card are required for all rentals.
  • Parking is always tight so please plan accordingly.


Do we need to make a reservation?
We recommend that everyone make a reservation for any activity to ensure that your rental is reserved. You can do that by clicking here

Do I need to know how to sail?
While we recommend that you have a little bit of sailing experience, we do not require any kind of certification or experience.

How many people does it fit?
Depending on the size of the sailboat, they range from 4 to 8 people max.

Can we drink alcohol on the sailboat?
Yes, you can!

What if we get stuck?
Please give our office a call and we would be happy to assist you. If it is an emergency please call 911.

Is there a training that needs to take place?
If you have never sailed before, that’s okay! We have an instructional video that will make you confident in your ability so quickly learn how to sail.

What size sailboats do you have?
We have 3 different size monohulled sailboats ranging from 14’ to 22’. We also have 2 different size catamarans from 13’ to 18’