CraigCat Rental



  • 1-Hour: $75
  • 2-Hour: $150
  • 3-Hour: $225
  • 4-Hour: $300

Max Seating: 2 People



A CraigCat is always sure to turn heads, and for good reason! Take a CraigCat to the nearby open speed area of Mission Bay, and these catamaran style powerboats can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour! Because it utilizes a catamaran style hull, these boats are stable and safe even at such high speeds. The dual pontoons offer low water resistance to increase high end speed but also keep the boat stabilized at both high and low speeds. So regardless of your boating experience you’re sure to have a blast on a CraigCat, and our staff will be happy to provide a short safety briefing before launch. And what’s the best way to double the fun on one of these thrilling rides? Bring a friend! CraigCats can carry two people, with a 250lb per person weight limit, so you can both experience the thrill of this high speed watercraft. Reserve a CraigCat now to experience San Diego watersports like never before!

Looking for a more traditional high speed adventure, but still want to bring a friend? Our jet skis can carry up to 2 people, and offer high speed fun that never disappoints!

  • Your reservation start time will begin at the designated time that you chose. Please arrive 30 minutes early to complete Rental agreement and Safety and Boat checkouts. Due to high demand and time restraints please have your party here early and ready to begin your rental at the designated time.
  • Picture ID and credit card are required for all rentals.
  • Parking is always tight so please plan accordingly.